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Posted by on 22 marzo, 2013

Could it be possible that North Korea, Iran and the United States of America arrange an agreement about a global nuclear disarmament? Although it sounds quite unlikely that was the main topic last Saturday 16th of March and the goal for the students of 4rt ESO and Baccalaureate participating in a simulation of the UN General Assembly.

High-level interactive dialogue marked the 2013 SEKMUN training day. Parents and teachers found it really interesting to see our students supporting their points of view as delegates from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, North Korea, EEUU, France, Iran, Italy, India, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Spain, Germany or United Kingdom would do.


Congratulations to our students and thanks to the moderator team for creating a wonderful atmosphere of debating, critical thinking and decision making.

At the end, the two different resolutions showed us how far away the positions were and how difficult to escape from reality is.

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